Sex Tips

Tips on Romancing Her

When it comes to sex, a few touches or even a glance can get a guy in the mood.  But with a woman, sometimes it takes some romancing.  You need to get her in the mood before she’s really ready to make love.  If your romance skills aren’t quite up to snuff, here are a few tips that can help you get her in the mood.

Set up the bedroom early if you’re planning a romantic night and not spontaneous sex.  Set up some candles around the room, especially scented ones that you know she likes.  Rose petals on the bed can be great for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, but they might be a little over the top sometimes.  If she loves romantic gestures, go for it.  If she doesn’t, they might be too much.  Music, also, can be good sometimes, but don’t pick something cheesy.  Quiet, classical piano is nice, although some people might find it a little old fashioned.

Before you move into the bedroom, have a bottle of wine (or your favourite drinks) and some type of fancy dessert.  One great option is to feed each other chocolate covered strawberries.  Chocolate has long been considered an aphrodisiac, but whether it is or not, the act of feeding each other is pretty sexy.

Get her warmed up a bit before moving to the bedroom.  Women love to be told they’re sexy.  For women, a good portion of sex is mental.  Talk to her, tell her how amazing she looks and how much you love her.  Some women even like it when guys talk about all the things they want to do in bed, although most don’t like it when guys get too vulgar.  Be romantic, not offensive.

Once you do move to the bedroom, don’t rush straight to sex.  Kiss, massage her, and touch her in places you might not usually touch.  Take it slow and make sure she’s fully in the mood before having sex.

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