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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Male Sexual Performance

Modern medicine is quick to utilize manufactured prescription medications as often as possible. Yet what did humankind do before the dawn of pharmaceuticals? They utilized substances found in nature Top 10 Natural Remedies for Male Sexual Performancethat could, when properly applied, help heal disease and promote overall good health. It should be no surprise that ancient cultures had plenty of natural remedies designed to increase male sexual performance and potency. Today many of those remedies are still being used for such purposes. Though there are several dozen that have been linked to increased sexual performance in men, here are our top 10.

Top 10 Natural Remedies to Increase Male Sexual Performance

10. Horny Goat Weed – Known scientifically as epimedium sagittatum, horny goat weed as a sexual enhancer dates back to ancient Chinese medicine. It got its name from the fact that Chinese goat herders noticed sexual activity among their animals increased when they ate epimedium. They began to consume it themselves only to find it was a great aphrodisiac.

9. Saw Palmetto Berry – The medical community began using the berry of the saw palmetto to treat urinary issues. When success in that area was realized doctors began using it as a treatment for men with an enlarged prostate. What they found was that prolonged use of saw palmetto berry was very helpful in maintaining regular urination and increasing male sexual performance. The best thing about this natural remedy is that there are no documented side effects after thousands of years of use.

8. Tribulus Terrestris – This ancient herb is part of both Indian and Chinese traditional medicine used for ED, loss of libido, and infertility. Its main benefit is that it encourages the body to naturally produce more testosterone by increasing luteinizing hormone. It’s so effective in this regard that athletes now use it regularly to help improve their performance.

7. Damiana – Damiana was used among the ancient Mayans as a preparation for sexual activity. They believed it acted as an aphrodisiac and promoted more dynamic orgasms. No one’s exactly sure how Damiana works, but it’s also useful as a treatment for incontinence, headaches, and urinary tract issues.

6. Catuaba – As an aphrodisiac, few natural remedies have as long and storied tradition as Catuaba. This herb comes to us from the Amazon region and is a stimulant that increases the function of the central nervous system. It’s been used for centuries by Amazon tribes to treat fatigue, impotence, and other central nervous system disorders.

5. Muira Pauma – Muira pauma is another South American treatment for the central nervous system. It’s also used in some parts of Africa. Traditional medicine uses the muira pauma plant as a treatment for fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, paralysis, rheumatism, impotence and infertility, male baldness, ED, and menstrual problems in women. It is another one of those herbs whose function is not completely understood yet its effectiveness is observed nonetheless.

4. Asian Ginseng – Not to be confused with other forms of ginseng, the Asian form is the one that works best at encouraging optimal male sexual performance. All forms of ginseng do well in increasing energy levels, helping to maintain mental alertness, and increasing stamina, yet Asian ginseng seems to work best in men to help increase both their performance and their ability to control premature ejaculation.

3. Cuscata – The extract of this seed has been used medically to increase sperm production. Men suffering from infertility due to low sperm counts have seen moderate success with cuscata. That makes it ideal for men who are suffering from low ejaculate volume and are looking for natural remedy to help the situation.

2. Hawthorn Berry – Also known as crataegus oxycantham, hawthorn berries have a tradition of being used as a treatment for cardiovascular issues. The earliest documented use goes back to the Middle Ages when it was prescribed by doctors as a means of promoting a healthy heart. Since then studies have shown that regular Hawthorn Berry indigestion can strengthen the blood vessels, increase blood flow, and help create harder erections.

1. Ginko Biloba – We gave ginkgo biloba the number one spot just because it’s so good for so many things above and beyond the bedroom. In terms of male sexual performance ginko biloba has been proved to expand and add elasticity to blood vessels, thereby promoting increased blood flow to every part of the body. More blood flow increases oxygen supply which is good not only for harder and longer erections, but also for mental awareness, muscle strength and endurance, autoimmune function, and so much more.


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