Harder Erections

Top 10 Tips For Harder Erections

Harder Erection

Improving sexual performance encompasses a lot of different things. You want greater stamina, improved technique and, of course, harder erections. A harder erection means better
thrusting, better staying power, a better performance for you and a better experience for your partner. Lots of guys think harder erections are just luck of the draw, but there are some things you can do to improve the quality of your erections directly.
Harder Erection

1. Kick the Habit

If you’re a smoker looking for a reason to finally get you to quit once and for all, better sexual performance might just be the motivation you’ve been looking for. Smoking not only lowers your stamina, it affects your cardiovascular health too. Poor circulation equates to semi-flaccid erections which simply can’t remain rock hard.

2. Take the Stairs

Another important part of cardiovascular health is aerobic exercise. Don’t have the time – or inclination – for an hour long routine in the gym? Sneak it in anywhere you can. Opt for taking the stairs instead of an elevator, park in a spot as far away from the store or office building you’re going to when running errands or going to work.

3. Pack Your Lunch

Even the healthiest eaters fall for the fast food trap when they haven’t planned ahead. Pack your lunch the night before work in order to keep it from becoming a morning chore you just don’t have time for. Making a routine out of preparing for the next day will help to encourage better habits in a number of different areas which can directly affect sexual performance, such as lowering stress, encouraging better eating habits and starting your day on an even keel instead of a stressed-out whirlwind of chaos.

4. Fuel Your Body

Speaking of food, be sure you’re choosing meals and snacks with penis health in mind. Choose raw fruit, fresh vegetables and whole grains in order to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to develop and maintain harder erections, increased stamina and joint flexibility.

5. Get Plenty of Sleep

Getting enough sleep at night has a host of benefits you’re probably already familiar with. A good night’s sleep helps with your love life too since men typically experience 3 to 4 sustained erections as they sleep – even if they aren’t dreaming about anything sexy. These nocturnal erections are the body’s natural way to keep the penis limber and essentially exercise the organ while you’re resting up. But this only happens once you’ve reached a state of deep sleep, so be sure you’re turning in early on a regular basis.

6. Stop Stifling Those Yawns

Plenty of guys know that a big yawn often sets off movement below the belt. What do yawns and harder erections have in common? Nitric Oxide. Nitric oxide is created naturally within the body. The brain sends this chemical down your spinal cord where it might stop off to trigger a yaw or travel a little further to create an erection. Don’t stifle yawns too often – unless they hit in the middle of a board meeting – and you’ll encourage greater nitric oxide production which can help create better erections.

7. De-Stress

Hand down, stress is one of the biggest erection killers in the world. Stress and anxiety can stem from anything, including work, home and even current events. Find ways to actively deal with your own stress levels in order to prevent them from diminishing your sexual performance. Yoga, meditation and therapy can all work for those dealing with emotional stress while exercise and physical activity can relive the pent up energy stress creates.

8. Get Monogamous

The connection between having an affair and having erectile dysfunction is common many doctors make it their first question when men come in for treatment. If you’ve been getting some action on the side, sort your personal life out and focus on the relationship you want.

9. Get Outside

Walk to a local restaurant for lunch or stroll down to a park, bench, public fountain or other outdoor space to take in some fresh air and exercise while you have lunch. Getting outside on a sunny day promoted Vitamin D production which helps with mood and libido.

10. Spice it Up

If you want harder erections, you need to be sure you’re excited in every sense of the word. Get in touch with your inner deviant and make sex fun again. Rent a room, grab your partner and have a no holds barred, spur of the moment sex fest. You’ll be excited what a difference a little spice can make.