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Top 6 Excuses Women Are Tired of Hearing from Their Lovers (You Know You’ve Said Some of These!)

Excuses women don't want to hear

Sexual dysfunction and fertility issues are no laughing matter.  Men who suffer from these conditions deserve a great deal of respect and male enhancement support. Yet men who decide to ignore their sexual issues, not seek help and who make constant excuses for why they don’t need or want sexual aids are men causing women those mysterious headaches that seem to happen right when he’s feeling Excuses women don't want to hearfrisky.

What excuses are men making that turn their women away? Here’s a list of the Top 6 reasons (in descending order) men give for why they aren’t able to satisfy their lovers or are willing to get the kind of male enhancement support needed to get the sexy job done right.

6. “I work too hard. My job exhausts me.” – It’s true that many men are absolutely wiped out from their jobs, but listen up – women are, too. Both sexes are working long hours on their careers and caring for their families, so something’s gotta give if your sex life has any chance at survival. You don’t have to make extra time for medical appointments or read so-and-so’s book or jog a single mile. An all-natural sexual aid supplement is a super quick and easy way to rev up your sexual energy and dazzle the woman in your bed.

5. It’s not MY fault I have low ejaculate, so don’t blame me that we aren’t getting pregnant quickly.”First of all, laying blame on either partner for a couple’s struggles with infertility isn’t helping anyone. Your relationship should be about support, not adding extra stress to an already emotional situation. Yet low ejaculate isn’t a problem you need to have, so your excuse is null and void until you’ve given all your options a try. Natural male enhancement supplements for better sexual function could help increase your ejaculate to enhance male fertility, too.

4. “I’m not a young man anymore.” – It’s the 21st Century, with incredible advances in sexual performance enhancement supplements now widely and readily available. Every man can feel like a younger man these days, sexually speaking, with the right formulas and proven track records to back them up. Sorry, guys. That excuse doesn’t cut it anymore either.

3. “I’m too inexperienced to be a great lover yet.” – Even younger men just beginning their sexually active years can experience sexual dysfunction that has nothing to do with lack of experience. Whether you’ve had lots of sex in the past or are just getting started getting it on, the physics of man-woman sex are the same. Tab A still needs to go into slot B. If those simple physics are too difficult for your twenty-something body to achieve, you might be a candidate for male enhancement sexual aid supplement support, too, with your doctor’s recommendation first.

2. “You don’t seem interested, so why should I be interested?” – If we could count how many marital affairs (for either party) started with excuses like that one, well – the counting would never end. If you’re a man suffering from low sexual performance, your lover is possibly pulling back from initiating sex to either alleviate your embarrassment or because she’s tired of trying to help a man who clearly isn’t willing to receive it. You take the initiative by getting sexual aid support first. You might be very pleasantly and pleasurably surprised by how quickly her interest returns.

1. “I’d be more excited if you were better at this.” – More men have been kicked out of bed (and marriages) by women told that her lack of sexual prowess is the reason he can’t get it up and keep it up. If you use this very lame and very insulting excuse, you’re going to get what you deserve. This is another case where laying blame on your partner for your own physical challenges is just plain wrong and always counterproductive. That said, she shouldn’t be using this excuse with you, either – especially if you truly do have legitimate struggles with achieving erections and maintaining sexual stamina. Take control of your sexual function and satisfaction with male enhancement support.  She’ll know you really care about making lovemaking possible and wonderful for you both again when you care enough to take care of your body first.

The truth is modern women are more sexually savvy and choosy than ever before. Men who make excuses for poor sexual performance just won’t make the grade. Men who take action to increase and improve their lovemaking (and/or baby-making) strengths with male enhancement aids are going to find their romantic invitations and advances responded to with much more enthusiasm. No ibuprofen required.