What Genetics Does and Does Not Determine About the Penis

Genetics determine a lot about us.  They decide how tall we are, if we’re big boned or have a very small frame, the color of our eyes and hair, and much, much more.  Genetics also play a role in the size of a man’s penis.  Of course, there are more things that affect penis size than genetics.  In the end, if you’re unhappy with something about your penis or your sex life, you can always change it yourself by using a product like Rizer XL.

While in the womb, specific hormones can affect penis size.  If everything is normal with these hormones, genetics decide the size of your penis.  If, however, these hormones are not present or are present in either very high or very low levels, they may dramatically change the size of your penis.  If everything is normal, your genes from both your mother and father will determine your penis size.  Note that because no two sperm are exactly alike, brothers may have very different penis size.

Rizer XLOnce genetics determines your penis size, you have to grow in to it.  Most people believe that their penis will reach its largest size once they hit puberty.  However, the penis actually continues to grow during the teen years.  It doesn’t reach full size until the twenties.  Some men might not even reach their maximum size until they’re in their early 30s!  There’s no specific age or time period when the penis stops growing, so don’t stress if you hit your mid-20s and it seems like your penis is still fairly small.  It may continue to grow!  You can also use products like Rizer XL to help boost your sexual energy and increase the blood flow to your penis, which can make it a little larger and increase your girth.  It also has a number of other affects that will change your sex life for the better.