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What REALLY Matters to Women? The Answer May Surprise You

What Women Want

Many men go through their entire adult lives without ever realizing what it is that women really want. The media, movies and music have all contributed to the idea that women are only after one thing – size. And while we all might snicker a little at ‘Size matters’ jokes, deep down we also feel that it’s true. The fact is, it isn’t And it’s not about opinion polls or surveys, it’s about science and thousands of years of evolution.

The Science of Attraction

Popular opinion about what is attractive changes over time. Social norms about body weight, height and other basic physical characteristics can also change depending on culture. However, some things are simply hard What Women Wantwired to be attractive to us no matter what hair or eye color we prefer or whether or not we like our mates to be lean and strong or to have a bit of extra padding.

The most universally attractive trait is health. It can be easy to see someone’s general health by looking at their face, specifically their skin, eyes and hair. This principle is best illustrated by the change women undergo when they are pregnant. This infamous ‘Pregnancy Glow’ is the result of the body being flooded with vitamins and hormones which result in women having glossier hair, clearer skin and brighter eyes. These are evolutionary cues that she is healthy. Women also undergo a similar, though more subtle, change as they begin to ovulate. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Hormones and Behavior reported that men found women significantly more attractive as they neared ovulation when compared to photos of them later in their cycles.

Although this particular study was looking only at women, these same healthy hallmarks are just as attractive to women when it comes to men. Several studies have found that women find men with broader shoulders more attractive and behavioral scientists believe this is based on an evolutionary desire to have a strong mate. These findings, along with earlier studies which also reported basic attraction to underlying health cues means that effective male enhancement isn’t always about changing the way you look, sometimes it’s just about being healthy. These signals about your health will make women think you’re not only a good mate on a subconscious level but they’ll also assume you have an increased libido and are able to perform sexually.

Using Evolution to Your Advantage

By understanding the basic and subconscious way attraction works, you can instantly become more attractive by simply taking better care of yourself. This approach actually has several benefits. Not only will it make you more attractive to women it will also actually make you feel better.

The easiest way to kick start this healthy image is to look at the special supplements and nutrition information available for male enhancement. Although these products are marketed as simply a male enhancement option, they are actually able to deliver whole body enhancement if they are high quality supplements coupled with a good diet. The reason a high quality male enhancement pill can deliver on its promises of harder erections and performance enhancement is that they contain a mixture of time proven herbs, minerals and vitamins. Quite often the most effective supplements don’t contain anything truly new in terms of pharmaceutical technology – they simply harness the power of what nature has provided. These combinations of vitamins and herbs actually support more than just sexual health – they support whole body health which, in turn, makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Healthy and vitality are two of the most attractive aspects no matter where in the world you are. From tribes in New Zealand and native Eskimos in Alaska to ski bunnies in Colorado and beach bums in Spain, everyone is looking for the same thing. Evolution has taught us to seek out people who exhibit certain telltale signs of all over health. Using a high quality male enhancement supplement can not only deliver the harder erections or performance enhancement you want, but it can also support the kind of whole body health that results in you being more attractive to absolutely anyone.