Stop Premature Ejaculation

What Women Think about Premature Ejaculation

When you’re about to have sex, there are a number of things that are swirling through your head. As a man, premature ejaculation is probably high on the list. It’s just not something that we want to deal with, but unfortunately, it’s one that we have to. We want to satisfy our women, and if you don’t, you know the stigma that’s attached to it. But, what are women thinking about when their man can’t handle them?

Unfortunately, there are only two things that women are truly thinking about when this happens. Let us tell you – you’re not going to be truly fond of either.

#1: He’s Inexperienced

This is a pretty common one, and like all of these yet to be outlined here, it’s a bad one. The inexperienced thing is bad because, for most men, it’s simply not true. Only 29% of men in the United States have had more than 15 sexual partners. The average male has sex with about 7 women. So, as statistics state, this probably isn’t true. Also, when you consider how many male porn stars swear by male enhancement pills, it just doesn’t make sense.

#2: He’ll Probably Always Finish Before Me

This is easily the most troubling of things. While not all women are pessimistic, many of them will assuredly right you off because of it, provided that you’re not in a long term relationship. If it’s an avenue that you’re willing to pursue with the woman that you’re having sex with, there’s a good chance that she’ll want otherwise if you can’t satisfy her. While there certainly are other ways that you can satisfy her, as a multitude of women can’t achieve orgasm through penile stimulation, would you like to hedge your bets on something that is probably not the case?

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