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When Masturbation Gets in the Way of Your Relationship

Is Masturbation a Problem

By now, most men know about the various health benefits of masturbation. From being able to help reduce your risk of prostate cancer to simply being a healthy way to treat premature ejaculation, masturbation has become a widely accepted form of personal male enhancement. However, some men still struggle with issues surrounding masturbation and, for some couples, it is still a source of arguments and frustration. Is it possible that, for some people, masturbation is more trouble than it’s worth?

Is Masturbation a Problem

Is Masturbation a Problem?

For most men, masturbation never poses any real problem during their life. But, for others, masturbation becomes a problem once they are in a relationship. Even though masturbation can be used to increase libido, stamina and desire, some women still see it as a threat. Some men have been known to hide the fact that they masturbate or even to lie about it when asked. This can make masturbation seem like cheating almost, and laying that kind of stress and pressure on something so natural can create serious problems between a couple. Men feel as though they need to hide it away and women eventually begin to suspect something more serious is going on. The end result is endless arguments, escalating fights and sometimes even a complete breakdown of the relationship.

Talking to Your Partner About Masturbation

For some women, knowing their partner is masturbating is seen as an insult. She may think you are masturbating because she isn’t ‘good enough’ or that you’re beginning to be less attracted to her. While most men know this is simply not true, it’s harder for women to accept. This is because many women don’t understand the physical and emotional benefits of masturbation. For example, many men use masturbation as a way to privately treat premature ejaculation. This is a less commonly known benefit of masturbation and one women aren’t necessarily aware of. The same goes for masturbation as a way to spark new ideas, improve sexual control and reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Although all of these benefits are well know to men, most women have no idea.

If you’re using masturbation as a way to help with a sexual problem or simply as a way to fantasize about your partner, talk to her about it. You may feel uncomfortable openly discussing these things at first, but open lines of communication are absolutely vital for the health of any relationship. This is especially true when it comes to sex. By being more open about what you need and what you want, your partner will become more comfortable as well. Chances are good that if you haven’t had a talk about your sex life in the past, you’ll find out some surprising – and sexy – new things about each other. This can lead to new ideas on how to better sexually satisfy one another and opens the door to experimentation and helping your partner see masturbation in a whole new light.

Developing a Healthy Attitude – and Approach – to Masturbation

MasturbationDeveloping a healthy way to communicate with your partner about your sex life can do wonders for your relationship in and out of the bedroom. Start by acknowledging the problem. If you have lied in the past about your masturbation habits, this is the time to come clean. Set aside some time to talk seriously about your sex life and your relationship. Make a list beforehand so that you can stay focused. By being open and honest with your partner, you can both develop a new understanding about your sexual issues and develop a better way of handling them.

Masturbation doesn’t have to be a problem in your relationship. By showing your partner how you’re using it to maintain sexual health, fantasize about her or even as a way to inspire new ideas for the bedroom, it can actually become a way to help your relationship. If she is still uncomfortable with it, suggest making masturbation a part of your shared sexual play. Mutual masturbation and simply watching each other can be an incredible turn on and may just become her new favorite way to add a spark to foreplay. Take the mystery out of masturbation and your partner will more than likely finally understand why masturbation is fun and healthy.