Why Cavemen Were Probably Better in Bed Than You Are (And How You Can Change It)


No, we don’t mean cavemen had better sexy moves than men of modern day. Guys now are pretty savvy in that department and, overall, care very much about their lover’s pleasure. So don’t take offense. We’re not saying men of today have lousy technique in the sheets.

CavemanWhat we are saying is that men of long, long ago didn’t suffer the same challenges of low sexual stamina, virility and fertility that men in the Western World of the 21st Century seem to be plagued with in a very alarming way.

What challenges, you ask? We can name three major roadblocks to healthy, satisfying sexual lives that modern man faces every single day. These challenges are clearly very different than men living even as recently as 100 years ago.

  1. Diet – When we think of cavemen and their daily sustenance, we often picture them as big red-meat eaters. In today’s world, many men also make meat the biggest food portion on their plates – yet seem to suffer more fertility issues, more low ejaculate issues, and have more trouble getting it up and keeping it up. Why? Because men now are likely eating meat that is highly processed from overly industrialized farming and packing methods – not the fresh preservative-free, antibiotic-free farm-to-table meat that our forefathers were eating.  Those chemicals that men of today ingest can have a huge impact in their health and sexual function over time. Yet industrialized meat is only half the issue. Diets these days are also full of processed fake foods. Our great-great- grandfathers did not eat potato chips and hotdogs and sugar-based cereals every day, folks. If you don‘t think a man’s diet has anything to do with his ability to perform well in the bedroom, think again. Male enhancement aids have become necessary in this day and age because most of us in first world countries don’t eat natural, whole, and fresh foods regularly anymore. Consider that the next time you buy snacks to watch football at home with the guys.
  2. Weight Gain – Men of today, on the average, are heavier than they’ve ever been.  A recent Australian test study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men with significant weight gain had more trouble with erectile dysfunction than men with fitter physiques. Men of long ago didn’t have the sedentary, junk food fueled lives that we have today so they were probably more capable of gettin’ it on with gusto after a hard day working in the fields. Luckily, support like male enhancement supplements can help today’s couch potatoes have better, active sex lives, too.
  3. Free Radicals – Don’t get us started on the chemicals modern man is subject to every minute of every day, even if he eats right and exercises! Pesticides, household cleaning products, paint, carpet glue – daily chemicals are all around us and it’s become almost impossible to avoid them completely. Over the years, our bodies have absorbed these chemicals and we’ve taken a health hit because of them. It stands to reason that male enhancement support has become necessary more and more because of what’s hurting our bodies that we can’t even see. Free radicals like these can cause sperm to function defectively; which is likely part of the cause of rising cases of male infertility in modern times.

So What Can Modern Men Do About It?

Men of today have many reasons to seek out sexual male enhancement support and, luckily, they can find it. Harder erections are possible. Premature ejaculation can be thing of the past. Increased ejaculate to boost fertility is achievable through modern remedy ideas, too.

  • Safe and natural herbal supplements created for male enhancement benefit
  • Eating a high percentage of whole, fresh foods – cutting out the processed, chemical-laced foods
  • Becoming more active – like watching your favorite program while walking on the treadmill, if you just can’t bring yourself to give up that TV time
  • Buying low-chemical household and body care products
  • Spending less time in front of an electronic screen and more time outdoors in nature, for stress relief
  • Getting advice from a health care professional about any specific sexual issues you need addressed

It’s true that men today tend to live much longer lives now than men of the past, due to modern medicine and conveniences. But if modern man can’t enjoy his sexually active years to the fullest, how much has he really gained since caveman times?

Make a commitment to get the male enhancement help you need now before those “mantastic” making-love years are gone for good.