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Inosine is a nucleoside, one of the basic compounds comprising cells. It is a precursor to adenosine, an important energy molecule, and plays many supportive roles in the body in Rizer XL's™ exclusive formula.

According to our research, Inosine has been investigated for exercise-boosting (ergogenic) effects.

It is a natural substance that helps increase the body's ability to carry oxygen, without affecting its uptake in the lungs, so it can work harder and stronger. When physical exertion is reached Inosine is converted into nutrients used by the body.

Sexual activity is an energy consuming activity that not everyone can maintain for long periods. Rizer XL is the only male enhancement supplement committed to providing the stamina and endurance necessary for intense sexual encounters guaranteed to satisfy any partner's physical needs. Inosine starts by first becoming an excellent precursor to energy metabolizing agents and also with enhancing the user's physical appearance.

Inosine is effective in:

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