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Rizer XL Customer Safety Initiative: Beware of Scams!

Rizer XL will never enroll you in any type of fraudulent reoccurring billing program. Your credit card will be charged only once when you place an order.

Reoccurring billing is a billing cycle that automatically charges your card when your supply runs out. This is done without your consent and doesn't give you the choice to discontinue the use of the product. This type of billing program is a common deceptive practice by merchants who offer "Free Trials" or "Sample kits".

FREE Trials and Sample Kits

While shopping for male enhancement pills beware of "free trials" or "sample kit" scams. Many companies will offer a free 7 day trial in the hopes of collecting customers credit card information so they can automatically submit the customer into a reoccurring billing cycle. This deceptive process is difficult to cancel and will guarantee the customer will be charged during several billing cycles before cancellation.

Reoccurring Billing

As a precautionary step in purchasing your online product you must be careful to read every detail on the payment page. The information on these pages can be used against you in the event of a "misunderstanding" with companies who offer scam reoccurring billing programs.

Make sure there is no mention of monthly payments or automatic refills once your supply has run out.

RizerXL.com Policy

When purchasing a Rizer XL supplement from our website your credit card will only be charged though your explicit authorization and you will never be enrolled into any reoccurring billing cycle.

We do not offer sample kits or free trials but alternatively offer a more ethical and honest 30 day money back guarantee. The Rizer XL purchase policy allows customers to experience the unmatched benefits of a premium male enhancement supplement and give them the option to re-purchase when satisfied with the results.

We believe in our product and we have full confidence that you will enjoy the many benefits Rizer XL has to offer. If you like Rizer XL and we know you will, come back and speak to a customer service representative to get any even better deal on an already first class product.

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